Mar 08 2016 - EIPBN 2016 - Conference at Pittsburgh - BEAMeeting on Thursday, 31th of May

You are very welcome to visit our booth at the EIPBN 2016 conference at  Pittsburgh from - 31th May 2016 until 3rd June 2016 . BEAMeetings are a technical exchange platform for the direct write community focused on e-beam and laser lithography, data-preparation, PEC, process correction, lithography and Monte Carlo simulation. As always we like to setup the agenda with your input! We encourage user presentations, and welcome any discussions on applications, specific issue solutions, and feature needs or requirements. The final agenda for the meeting will be based on all of your inputs. The BEAMeeting will be held on 31th of May from 09:00 am till 3:00 pm. Press the button below for more information
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- BEAMeetings and LABMeetings - technical workshops for the e-beam community

Our various BEAMeetings all over the world have now become Tradition.  Presentatons held during our various BEAMeetings and LABMeetings can be downloaded from our website. If you do not have login-data, just contact us and we will enable you the download !  See e-mail in the attachment   For the overview of all our BEAMeetings and LABMeetings just push the button below
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- BEAMeeting at CNRS - IEMN Lille/France - Technical Workshop & Discussion on 18th - 19th of April 2016

        Dear BEAMeeting Participant Enclosed is the program for the BEAMeeting to be held at the CNRS, Lille, FRANCE, on March 18 – 19. On Monday morning 18th March from 13:00 until April 19th, 12:00 am. User presentations or discussions on applications, solutions for specific issues, needs or requirements from your side are most welcome. Looking forward to seeing you soon in Lille.   The GenISys Team   Press the button to open the AGENDA      
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Aug 03 2016 - NEWSLETTER Q2 2016

Our Newsletter Q2/2016 can be downloaded by pushing the button below  
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Mar 02 2016 - NEWSLETTER Q1 2016

Our Newsletter Q1/2016 can be downloaded by pushing the button below  
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Oct 08 2015 - NEWSLETTER Q3_2015

Featured in this issue: At the MNE in The Hague we celebrated together with users and partners “10 years of GenISys”.
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Press Releases

Feb 09 2015 - KBTEM-OMO JSC and GenISys Announce Cooperation

Minsk, Belarus, February 06, 2015 -  KBTEM-OMO JSC, Republic of Belarus, a leading tool supplier and process solution provider of production line instrumentation for mask fabrication, inspection and repair as well as photolithography tools and GenISys GmbH, a provider of high performance software solution for lithography, announced a cooperation agreement to combine the KBTEM-OMO JSC equipment with advanced data-preparation, simulation and process correction software packages of BEAMER and LAB. Within the scope of the agreement, GenISys GmbH extends the BEAMERTM software package to import and export data formats of laser scan and microphotosetting pattern generators as well as inspection tools…
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Oct 21 2014 - Heidelberg Instruments and GenISys Announce Cooperation on Maskless Laser Lithography

 Heidelberg, GERMANY, October 21, 2014 – Heidelberg Instruments, a leading supplier of equipment and process solutions for laser lithography related markets and GenISys GmbH, a provider of high-performance software solutions for nanoscale fabrication, today announced a cooperation agreement to combine the Heidelberg Instruments laser lithography tools with the GenISys data-preparation, simulation and process correction software packages of BEAMERTM and LABTM. Within the cooperation GenISys BEAMERTM has been adapted to support Heidelberg Instruments laser exposure systems with advanced layout data preparation. The 3D simulation software LABTM has been extended to model the exposure of HIMT laser…
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3D TOPOGRAPHY MASK ALIGNER LITHOGRAPHY SIMULATON, Authors: Ulrich Hofmann and Nezih Ünal from GenISys GmbH, Ralph Zoberbier from SUSS MicroTec Lithography GmbH, Ton Nellisen from Philips Research, Eindhoven, Netherlands has been published on page 20 thru 23 of the SUSS Report 2013/01.     click the download button to see/download the Article        
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