GenISys Online BEAMeeting March 2021

The GenISys Online BEAMeeting 2021 was successfully held on March 15th and 16th, 2021.

This year’s meeting had a high registration with participants joining on a Worldwide basis. The program consisted of 2 training sessions and 17 GenISys and User presentations. As always, user presentations were very welcome, enlivening and enhancing the BEAMeeting by Users sharing their practical experiences.

On Monday morning in the training session, GenISys senior applications engineer Daniel Ritter and newly joined applications engineer Aditya Reddy offered two online trainings: one discussing Layout Operation & Fracturing and the other one on Proximity Correction & Process Calibration.

The actual BEAMeeting started on Monday afternoon with a welcome speech by the General Manager Uli Hofmann and Nezih Ünal. UpToDate news on the status of GenISys, along with new developments and features was discussed. This was followed by our guest speakers: Professor Martin Charlton from the University of Southampton, who introduced the fabrication Challenges for next generation 3D vision system components.  Carlos Alonso-Ramos from CNRS, discussed the challenges in the generation of long waveguides / spirals and how to process nanostructures. Doc Daugherty (GenISys) was please to present papers on behalf of the University of Pennsylvania and University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign reviewing application cases on improving shape fidelity & yield. GenISys presentations by Aditya talked about Best Practices to Improve Device Performance and senior software engineer Christoph Sambale introduced Floating fields concepts.

On the Tuesday the second day, Dr. Olga Lohse from Max Planck Institute discussed in depth the Exposure of dot arrays (Raith) by e-beam lithography with BEAMER functions. Niclas Lindvall and Marcus Rommel from Chalmers University introduced Beamer for automated inspection tools; Dominique Colle from Heidelberg Instruments presented Laser 3D Lithography with State of the Art Use Cases while Jan Erjawetz and Helmut Schift from PSI introduced the benefit of optical proximity correction in direct writing lithography. GenISys Product Manager Thomas Michels presented an update of the new features and enhancements of our products and Aditya Reddy talked about how to pick the right tool for the job. Regional Manager Dmitri Titko introduced Advanced PEC Parameter for demanding applications; US application engineer Richard Bojko presented ProSEM for Measuring and Analyzing Arrays of Shapes.

At the end of the second day on March 16th we ran our usual interactive session including both Application and members of the engineering team. These interactive sessions always generated healthy discussions leading to new thoughts and ideas for future developments. Thank you to all customers who participated.

The BEAMeeting over the years has been a technical communication platform for the direct write community, focusing on electron beam and laser lithography, data preparation, PEC, process calibration and lithography simulation. In these difficult corona times, the tradition is continuing but online with the same high level of technical exchange and an openness to customer feedback and discussion.

We do however look forward in the future to again being face-to-face meetings. In the meantime, we look forward to more online BEAMeetings and webinars to follow, so please make sure you follow us on LinkedIn and don’t miss out!

The BEAMeeting videos and presentations are available online: GenISys Online BEAMeeting March 2021

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