GenISys Online BEAMeeting MNE Turin 2021

The GenISys BEAMeeting MNE 2021 was held very successfully on September 20, 2021 in Turin, Italy.

For the first time in nearly two years the meeting took place as a face-to-face meeting in Turin enabling us to both meet many old friends as well as some newer customers. However, we also catered on line for people who were unable to travel.  The on-line link enabled the meeting to have a more international feel to it with participance not only linking up from Europe but also Japan and the USA.

As usual User presentations were most welcome, sharing their practical experiences which generated a lot of feedback questions and discussions both from the meeting room and online attendees. This has always been a key factor to BEAMeetings.

The BEAMeeting started with a welcome speech by the General Manager Nezih Ünal, who presented an update of GenISys activities. Afterwards, our Asian speaker Mr. Kimihiko Kato from AIST gave an excellent talk on Electron Beam Lithography for Future Highly-Integrated Si Quantum Bits; GenISys General Manager Uli Hofmann introduced the status of our ProSEM new version 3.0 and the details of the upgrade from ProSEM version 2.0 to version 3.0. This was followed by Irina Harder from MPI Erlangen, who shared work on high resolution laser lithography exposure using BEMAER. Sylvia Diewald from KIT presented Asymmetric Undercuts in bi-layer systems, 3D-PEC, Simulation and Dr. Olaf Brox from FBH-Berlin explained E-beam DataPrep for AIGaAs Diode Laser Gratings and InP HBTs; GenISys Product Manager Thomas Michels introduced the product updates, correction and planed new features and enhancements for our products.

In the afternoon, Heidelberg Instruments, micro resist technology and GenISys, in co-operation organized the traditional joint event “Maskless Laser Lithography and Direct Writing for Nano- and Microfabrication”, which is a Technical Workshop & Discussion on laser-based exposure. This was also very well attended and with a lot of indepth discussions.

Over the years, the BEAMeeting has been a technical communication platform for the direct write community with a focus on electron beam and laser lithography, data preparation, PEC, process calibration and lithography simulation. Corona brought us difficulties at the traditional meetings, but opened up another opportunity for us to meet online. The combination of personal and online meetings offers us an even better opportunity for international professional technical exchange and discussion at a high level!

We look forward to more combined Online and face-to-face meetings. The next BEAMeeting is planned for March 2022 at the home of GenISys, in Munich -Germany.

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The BEAMeeting videos and presentations have been shared with all registered participants.

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