GenISys Online BEAMeeting MNE 2020

The GenISys Online BEAMeeting MNE 2020 was successfully held on September 14th and 15th, 2020. The majority of the attendees were from Europe but it ended up as a worldwide meeting with participants from Australia, Japan and the United States, to name just a few. The program consisted of 2 training sessions and 21 GenISys and User presentations. As usual User presentations were most welcome, adding vitality and value to the BEAMeeting by sharing their practical experiences.

On Monday morning in the training session, GenISys senior application engineer Daniel Ritter offered an online training and applications support that orientated from advanced customer feedback on their specific needs. This interactive training session generated some good feedback questions and discussions.

The BEAMeeting started on Monday afternoon with a welcome speech by the General Manager Uli Hofmann and Nezih Ünal, and the Product manager Thomas Michels; they presented development and news of GenISys, introduced the roadmap, with planed new features and enhancements for our products. That was followed by our guest speakers:- Samuel Gyger from KTH Sweden, who introduced the application challenges in E-Beam lithography for BEAMER with Raith Voyager system, and Fabian Lafont from Weizmann Institute, who explained the optimization of resist structures using Laser and E-Beam lithography techniques. Giovanna Capraro presented the application of ProSEM at AMO GmbH. GenISys experts contributed also in different areas: Correction for multi-laser resist processes (User Case: Lift-Off/T-Gate) and Advanced Measurements with ProSEM.

More interesting User presentations continued on Tuesday morning. Jon Griffiths of Cambridge University went into depth on the use of Python to enhance the performance of BEAMER, which created considerable interest of many users. GenISys Senior Software Engineer Nicola Belic introduced the next generation advanced PEC correction with many enhancement for different application, regional manager Dmitri Titko talked about the preparation of ChipPlace Job layout,  which is also a popular topic; application engineer Qing Tan presented the Shape PEC with undersize and overdose.

The final afternoon was dedicated to a Laser workshop organized in co-operation with Heidelberg Instruments, again exploring the recent developments and application achievements. Dr. Anja Voigt from micro resist technology GmbH presented photoresists and process optimization for direct laser lithography. Markus Greul from IMS Stuttgart and Dr. Florian Schopper from MPG Munich each introduced Laser Process correction for new Ultra Mask Exposure System and for direct write with DWL. Wolfgang Meixner and Mathias Wahl from Heidelberg Instruments and CEO von Heidelberg Instruments Nano Felix Holzner all contributed great presentations on tools and application for HIMT lithography systems.  

The BEAMeeting over the years has been a technical communication platform for the direct write community, focusing on electron beam and laser lithography, data preparation, PEC, process calibration and lithography simulation. In these difficult corona times, the tradition is continuing but online with the same high level of technical exchange but also welcoming customer feedback and discussion.

We do however look forward in the future to again being face-to-face meetings. In the meantime we look forward to more online BEAMeetings and webinars to follow, so please make sure you follow us on LinkedIn and don’t miss out!

The BEAMeeting videos and presentations will be shared with all registered participants.

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